Luxury Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Tiles are right up at the top when it comes to beautiful looking and easily maintainable floors.

Looks Like the Real Thing

LVT and LVP offer the look of real wood or tile with the exceptional durability and performance that only a luxury vinyl floor can provide.

Get the look of wood with the Luxury vinyl Plank or the Tile Collection which features realistic colours and surface textures in 4” 5”, 6”, 7” and 9” width planks and 48″ or 60” long planks

If you prefer tiles, they are available in 16”x 16” squares and new 12”x 24” Rectangles. Design your floor just as you would with real tile by customizing your layout and grouting your floor for a more realistic appearance.

Benefits of Vinyl Planks/Tiles for Your Home

Many home-owners can benefit from this flooring choice. Here are the key advantages:

Vinyl Planks and Tiles are Easy to Clean

Vinyl can be easily cleaned just like laminate and hardwood. The biggest selling factor is how easy it is to replace, if there are any permanent marks or scratches.

Vinyl Planks and Tiles Can Match Any Design

We offer many colours and designs, from your traditional hardwood and tile look.

Old school Vinyl floors are a popular option among home-owners, particularly in kitchen and bathroom applications. A synthetic cousin to linoleum, vinyl flooring is water-and stain-resistant, versatile, and provides good durability for the cost. Thanks to a number of advances over the years, today’s vinyl floors are attractive and economical.

Vinyl Flooring is Long Lasting

Vinyl floors are durable and stand up well, to heavy foot traffic. They are comfortable to walk on and reduces noise, which can be important for owners with kids or pets. It is also less expensive than many other flooring options. Vinyl flooring is very easy to install and maintain. The biggest selling factor is how easy it is to replace if there is a permanent scratch or mark.

Vinyl Flooring Adds Beauty and Style

Vinyl flooring comes in a broad range of colours and patterns to match every décor, including a variety of lifelike wood grains.

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