Carpet tiles have been around for over 50 years and were originally developed for homes as a hard wearing alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles offer many advantages over traditional broadloom and make designing your own floor scheme easy. Recently there have been some great new designs introduced. Interior designers, makeover programs and interior magazines are increasingly presenting carpet tiles as a new design trend.

Advantages of Carpet Tile Flooring

Below are the main advantages of carpet tile flooring, which is quickly becoming one of top sellers in our Port Coquitlam showroom.

  • Carpet tiles are easy to clean
  • If a tile is damaged, you can simply replace the tile rather than the whole floor. Easy to lift and take with you if you move home, particularly if you are renting.
  • Installations can be done in small areas or temporarily – you can even work around the furniture rather than empty the whole room.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a new trend in designing your floor scheme. They offer many advantages over traditional carpet and are easy to install. Carpet tiles are very cost effective because they do not require underlay or any adhesives. They are just as easy to clean as regular carpet by vacuuming everyday dust and dirt.

Main Carpet Tile Advantages:

  • Easy to install because they can lay on top of laminate, vinyl, and concrete
  • No need for underlay
  • Fit easily in many different shapes of rooms
  • Offer a new look to carpet (different colors and shapes)
  • If they get damaged they are easy to replace because you can just remove the tile rather than the whole floor
  • They aren’t permanent so if you were planning on moving you can take them with you
  • Cost effective because they do not require underlay or adhesives.